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Value Added Tax, or VAT, is a standard taxation scheme that plays a crucial role in regulating goods and services worldwide. In simple terms, it is a type of general consumption tax on goods and services and has been applicable in many countries globally. The government of the United Arab Emirates implemented VAT on January 1st, 2018, making it mandatory for all businesses to comply with VAT registration in Dubai, UAE.
At MPMS, we specialize in offering accounting and VAT services to help businesses successfully process and manage their tax regulations. Our professional team of tax consultants can understand the complexities of your business and offer the right advice for all your accounting and tax-related concerns. Being the best consultancy for VAT registration in UAE, we offer solutions to assist businesses with tax-related matters.

Our VAT Consultancy Services in Dubai, UAE

Processing and managing financial matters can be a challenging task in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, investing in reliable accounting and VAT services in the UAE can help businesses address tax concerns seamlessly.

At MPMS, we have an expert team of the best VAT registration consultants in Dubai, UAE. They understand your tax concerns and provide superior and hassle-free solutions to improve your accounting process. Our accounting and VAT services in Dubai, UAE include:

  • VAT Registration and De-Registration Services
  • VAT Return Filing Services
  • VAT Transaction Advisory Services
  • VAT Impact Analysis and Assessment
  • VAT Accounting
  • VAT Training
  • VAT Implementation
  • IT Migration for VAT Compliance
VAT Consultancy Services Dubai

Benefits of VAT Registration in Dubai, UAE

If you are running a business in the UAE, you should consider VAT registration. While some businesses have a choice not to go for VAT registration in the UAE until they reach a definite compulsory limit, there are several benefits to being VAT registered.

VAT Registration Number

The VAT registration number adds significant value to your business. Displaying your VAT registration number on your website and documents can help boost your business. VAT registration helps improve your brand’s credibility and builds trust among your prospective customers.

Enhance Your Brand Image

VAT registration is not compulsory for your business in the UAE. However, VAT registration in Dubai, UAE offers numerous advantages. One of the major benefits of being VAT-registered is that it enhances your brand image. VAT registration for your business can make your small business appear more prestigious, credible, and established.

Open New Business Avenues

If you do not register your business for VAT, you may miss out on profitable deals. The majority of lenders, buyers, and suppliers prefer to work with VAT-registered companies. Investing in accounting and VAT registration services in Dubai, UAE opens new doors of opportunities for your business and helps you achieve your business goals.

Increased Cash Flow

VAT registration helps you manage VAT documentation, tax calculation, data reports, accounts, and more. In simple terms, it streamlines your entire financial system, ultimately increasing cash flow.

How to Apply for VAT Registration in Dubai, UAE?

The VAT registration procedure is quite simple but can sometimes be tedious. Investing in VAT filing & accounting services in Dubai, UAE can help you easily navigate all tax-related complexities. At MPMS, we offer professional accounting and VAT registration services in the UAE to help businesses with taxation management.

Our expert team of qualified chartered accountants, tax consultants, and advisors analyzes your financial processes and offers effective solutions to help you stand out in this highly competitive business world. For more details about the VAT registration process, you may contact our professional tax consultants.

VAT Registration Services UAE
Tax Consulting Services in Dubai

Which Companies Are Eligible for VAT Registration in Dubai, UAE?

The eligibility criteria for VAT registration are straightforward. Any company that sells VAT-taxable services and goods must register for VAT. Additionally, if your company’s export and import value exceeds 375,000 AED per year, then you are required to apply for VAT registration in Dubai, UAE. It is mandatory for businesses that have exceeded the above threshold limit to register for VAT in the UAE.

Want to register your company for VAT? Our professional VAT consultants can help!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is VAT registration mandatory in UAE?

No, it’s not mandatory for all businesses in the United Arab Emirates. It is mandatory for businesses that have imports and supplies in excess of 375,000 AED per annum, VAT registration is mandatory. However, it is recommended that companies register for VAT to make good of the benefits of VAT registration.

What documents are required to get registered for VAT?

The following documents are necessary to register your business for VAT:

– copy of trade license,

– Emirates ID of the owner,

– passport,

– bank details of the company,

– Memorandum of Association (MOA),

– turnover declaration,

– Other miscellaneous documents depending in the business

Processing all these documents can be a challenging task. Therefore, hiring a VAT registration and consulting company can make the process much smoother. A professional VAT registration company communicates with the tax authorities and helps you throughout the VAT registration process.

How to apply for VAT registration in UAE?

Being a trusted and reliable VAT registration company in Dubai, UAE, we offer solutions to help you get the tax registration number (TRN) hassle-free. Our consultants work with you on  documentation  and processes to register your business for VAT.

What is voluntary VAT registration?

Clearly, VAT registration is not mandatory for all businesses in Dubai, UAE. However, small businesses voluntarily apply for VAT registration to increase credibility and establish trust among their prospective clients.

Can an individual register for VAT in Dubai, UAE?

Yes, any individual doing business in the UAE can apply for VAT registration.

Want to register your company for VAT? Consult our VAT registration experts.

Is accounting in demand in UAE?

Having a streamlined financial system is crucial for running a business successfully in the United Arab Emirates or UAE. Investing in professional accounting and bookkeeping services can help you improve your company’s financial system which leads to more growth.

What is the difference between bookkeeping and accounting?

Basically, bookkeeping is a base of accounting. In order to prepare financial statements and reports, the information of bookkeeping is used. In simple terms, bookkeeping involves the record of financial transactions and accounting involves the analysis, interpretation, and reporting of financial data.

What are the advantages of accounting and bookkeeping services?

Some benefits of accounting and bookkeeping services are:

  • Access to professionals
  • Fraud prevention
  • Flexibility and scalability

What is the key aspect of bookkeeping?

Some objectives of bookkeeping are:

  • To manage and record transactions properly
  • To detect errors and frauds
  • To prepare financial statements and reports

How does bookkeeping help you run your business?

Professional bookkeeping services can help you keep your business processes organized, prepare for tax returns and minimize your accounting costs.



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