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Bank Account Services

As a registered business setup firm, we assist in the incorporation of businesses of all sizes and stature, which also includes opening a business & offshore company bank account, anywhere in the UAE. Bank account opening involves preparing the application form, along with all the documentation required, followed by attending the interview by bank officials on our clients’ behalf, and making sure to sort out every bit of challenge encountered along the way.
We carry a comprehensive knowledge of banking rules and regulations followed in the UAE, and maintain a great association with major international and local banks. This has allowed us to assist our clients in opening their corporate bank accounts without any complexities.

Bank Account Opening Assistance in Dubai, UAE

Any company, whether it is an onshore company or an offshore one, it needs a bank account to run the business, it’s in. If you are planning to set up a business in the UAE, then you will certainly need bank account opening assistance in Dubai, UAE. For any UAE mainland company, opening a bank account in the UAE is usually not a difficult thing, as it is a simple procedure especially when compared to what the offshore companies have to go through.

You will be requested by the authority, to provide the legal information about your company, and that too, in detail. All the company’s documents will be required so that they can be sure about the owner of the company and the management. If the company had already been established in the country of origin, then these documents will first be required to be legalised in that country and then in the UAE too.

Owing to the extent finance related concerns at a global level, such as money laundering, tax dodging and lot more, the authorities have imposed stringent procedures especially for the offshore companies. The authorities need to know at least, the basic information such as the business area, the amount invested in it and the revenues generated out of it, apart from the important customers.

How Can We Help in Account Opening

How Can We Help You in Account Opening in the UAE?

Apart from business setup services in the UAE, we also provide best bank account assistance in the UAE, to the aspiring businesses, by guiding them through the entire process. We first help them in getting all the necessary documentation done so that the application for account opening can be submitted. Different banks may ask for additional documentation, as it depends upon bank to bank and needs to be found out as well.

We first determine the account type to be opened, and the bank in UAE, where it needs to be opened. You may contact our experts for a quick consultation about your requirements, and we will come up with the most suitable solution for your needs within your budget.

Documents Required for Bank Account Opening Services in the UAE

Once the account type to be opened, and bank type in the UAE are determined, we provide information on the documentation required. The documents that you will be required to produce for availing bank account opening services are:

  1. Certificate of Registration
  2. Share Certificate(s)
  3. Company Memorandum & Articles of Association
  4. Board Resolution empowering a Company Officer to open the account
  5. Passport copies for shareholders and authorised signatories

The documentation however, may vary by bank to bank. Also the size and structure of the corporate matters when it is about documentation. All the corporate documents will be required to be attested by the corporate shareholders if any, if they are outside the UAE, or in the country of origin. They will be required to be attested in the UAE as well.

Documents Required for Bank Account Opening
Benefits of Bank Account Opening Assistance

How Will You Benefit with Our Bank Assistance for Opening a Bank Account?

With our top-rated bank account opening services, you will be free from lot of botheration so that you could focus on other critical business activities.

  • Taking regular follow-ups with the bank for account opening. This might become a huge task, especially when there are other business associated things to be done.
  • Introducing you to the official Relationship Manager of the bank where you need to open the bank account, and scheduling a meeting with him.
  • Complete assistance, as you apply for the bank account opening, in the bank and g for the interview as well.
  • Coordination with Relationship Officer before the meeting regarding account opening application.
  • Assistance in preparing all the documents to be presented during the account opening procedure. The documentation may vary as per the bank, and we take care of that as well.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can I open a bank account in UAE?

Yes you can, be it personal or corporate account. Even if you don’t live in the UAE, and wish to set up your company in the UAE, you can open a corporate bank account, provided the process is carried out in a proper way and all the required documents are produced.

I’m as non-resident in UAE, can I open a personal or business account in a bank in Dubai?

Yes, you can. Though, it may vary bank to bank as some banks in UAE, may limit the facilities that are made available to regular customers who are residents here. In most of the banks, you will be able to open the bank account but won’t be issued credit or debit cards, being a non-resident.

Would I be required to have a minimum balance for opening a bank account in the UAE?

Yes, mostly the local banks in the UAE would require a minimum balance to be maintained for opening the bank account, though it may vary bank to bank, and of course the type of account that you are opening with the bank. If the balance amount goes below the required amount, a nominal fee will be charged from the account holder.

How long does it take to open a bank account in the UAE? Is it a time consuming process?

There is particular timeframe for the process to get completed. It varies as per the bank. Every bank carries this process differently and so the account opening process may be different from that of others. The average time it takes to open a bank account in the UAE is 2 to 4 weeks. Though a lot also depends upon the type of company the bank account is being opened for.

Which banks can you get the accounts opened in?

We can help you in opening the accounts in almost all the commercial banks that are there in the UAE. Apart from this, we can also help you open the accounts in private and international banks as well.

Would I be required to meet the banker?

Yes, you will be required to meet the banker while your account is being opened in the UAE. Alongside, we are in agreements with banks that are offshore as well, provided all the information and required documents are provided by the client.



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