Terms & Conditions

Following are the ‘Terms & Conditions’ that are applicable on this website. By accessing and using our website, you consent to these terms and conditions that govern the usage of this website. The authorized owners of this website reserve the right to amend or change these terms and conditions, at any point of time, when necessary. These changes or amendments will be effective immediately after uploaded on this website. So you are advised to keep checking the content of this page after regular intervals.


The violations of any of these terms and conditions, by any means, will subject you to the termination of the access and privileges provided by this website.


1. License Terms


The license to access and use this website, is for a limited time period, and is non-transferable, and all the terms and conditions will be applicable. The authorized owners of this website hold the right to anytime change, discontinue, or suspend the license, with or without notice.


2. Applicability of Local Laws


This website is governed under the laws of UAE. Whether you access the website from UAE or any other place outside UAE, you will be responsible for making sure of the compliance with UAE local laws.


3. No Offerings to OFAC Sanctioned Countries


The Milestone UAE does NOT provide any of the services to individuals, groups, and companies that belong to, or are controlled by Office Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) targeted countries, or belong to terrorist associations and groups of narcotics traffickers.


4. Eligibility Criteria for the User


Any user who visits this website should be:

  1. At least 18 year old.
  2. Information submitted does not infringe or violate the rights of any other third party.
  3. The users who are minors shall not register on the website.


5. Security of Your Account


While using your account on this website, you will be responsible for maintaining its security and confidentiality of your login credentials. The website will not be liable, by any way, for the loss of any data or information.

6. No Endorsement Policy


This website does NOT represent, endorse, or warranty any product, service, and content belonging to any other website that belongs to the third party.

7. Copyright Policy


Any user who infringes the copyrights of this website by sharing or using the copyrighted material without any valid permission, license, or consent from the authority, will be liable to the termination of the privileges provided to them.

8. Term of Indemnity


You consent to indemnify The Milestone UAE, its subsidiaries, associates, affiliates, agents, partners, and employees, from any kind of loss, claim, or any payable required by any third party, related or associated your use of this website.

9. Term for Advertisers & Sponsors


This website may have advertisements and sponsorships. These advertisers and sponsors will be responsible for making sure that the information provided on the website is precise, and complies with all the laws that govern this website. This website will not be liable for any acts of any of the advertisers or sponsors.


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