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As one of the top PRO service companies in UAE, Milestone Project Management Services (MPMS) provides a complete suite of PRO services for all business ventures across the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We have a team of professional PRO specialists who are well-aware of all the Government institutions, rules, and legal procedures required to set up a business in the UAE.
From documentation clearance to attestations, our PRO experts take the load off your shoulders and help you deal with all the necessary legalities.

The services of a Public Relations Officer (PRO) are imperative for any business or company looking to establish itself in the UAE. As a leading PRO services company in Dubai, we carry expertise in processing official documents and getting clearance on them.

Setting up a business in Emirates requires an exhaustive process comprising of tedious and time-consuming legal procedures pertaining to all the concerned authorities like the Ministry of Immigration, Ministry of Labour, and the Department of Economic Development. Quite often it happens that things don’t eventuate as expected and the lack of specialized know-how of crucial processes may lead to obstacles in the path of business setup. That’s where our professional PRO services come in handy!

We catalyze the company formation process in a hassle-free and cost effective manner, with our best PRO services in Dubai, UAE.

As a corporate PRO services company in Dubai, we ensure that our clients receive end-to-end support in facilitating documentation and their clearance, to enable them establish themselves in the UAE business market.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) Services
Best PRO Services in UAE

Undeniably, UAE is one of the best and most preferred destinations to set up a business on foreign soil. However, it requires a lot of governmental procedural compliance including documentation, clearances, approvals, and more.

Standing in the queue, running across government departments, doing documentation, and getting approvals can be a frantic and tedious task. Thus, it is essential to get this job done by PRO experts.

MPMS is a top PRO services company in Dubai that provides a comprehensive range of corporate PRO services to help you set up your business in the UAE. Our professional PRO services involve setting up corporate bank accounts, liaising with authorities, business clearance, approvals, certifications, company liquidation, and more.

Being the best PRO services company, we assist you through all stages of company formation and offer document clearance and processing services in Dubai, UAE. Our PRO professionals understand your business needs and provide personalized PRO solutions that suit your business needs.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What are PRO services?

PRO is an acronym for Public Relations Officer. Basically, this is a professional that helps you with documentation, approvals, attestations, issuance of business licenses, certifications, and other paperwork required to set up your dream business in the UAE. At MPMS, we have a team of PRO experts that understands your business needs and provides complete personalized PRO Services for your business.

Is it advisable to hire a PRO services company in Dubai?

Hiring a corporate PRO services company in Dubai is crucial for every business. Whether you want to set up a small agency or a big organization, you have to go through a lot of documentation, paperwork, and approvals.

Clearly, it is a time-consuming and tiring task. Apart from this, a good knowledge of documentation and legal procedures is required for the company formation in Dubai. Thus, you should hire a corporate PRO services agency for your business. A professional PRO services agency provides hassle-free PRO assistance to help set up your business in UAE.

What PRO services do you provide?

As the best corporate PRO services company in Dubai, we offer professional PRO services to help businesses deal properly with government legalities and start their business in UAE. Our corporate PRO services include documents attestation and processing, processing and renewal of Visas, trade licenses, legal services, and more. Our PRO experts handle all your legalities and help you head-start your business without delay.

Do the document for company formation need to be notarized?

Honestly, the government of UAE is strict with its company formation rules and regulations. Thus, if you are planning to set up your business in UAE, then you need to follow all the legal procedures and paperwork. All the documents for company formation should be notarized by the Ministry of Foreign affairs, UAE.

When it comes to setting up your business in UAE, hiring a professional PRO company can be the move for you. At MPMS, we offer document clearance and processing services in Dubai, UAE.

How should I get a Residence Visa in Dubai?

Well, only an investor, a business owner, or an expatriate employee in Dubai can apply for Residence Visa. MPMS is a project management consultancy firm that provides Residency Visa & PRO services in Dubai.

What are the different types of residence visa in Dubai?

Besides UAE and GCC National Citizens, a residence visa is a must for all nationalities. However, permanent residency is still not available in Dubai. Some different types of resident Visa in the UAE are Employment Visa, Student Visa, Partner Visa, Investor Visa and more.

How long is my residency visa valid for?

Well, the validity of a residence visa varies according to the sponsor and its type. On average, the validity of a residence visa lies between one to three years. Do you want to get a residence visa in Dubai? MPMS is a top project management company that provides Residency Visa & PRO Services as per your needs.

How long does it take to issue my visa?

This completely depends on the approval from the immigration department. However, if you want to make your visa issuance journey hassle-free, then hiring PRO experts can be the right move for you. MPMS is a professional PRO services company in the UAE that provides a complete range of PRO solutions to help you get clearance from the immigration department easily.



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