Free Zone Company Incorporation

Freezone Company Incorporation
Today, the UAE has become a prime place for Free zone companies. The establishment of a Free zone company in the UAE comes with its own set of benefits, but requires professional expertise. The UAE has around 40 Free zones and many more are coming up in the times to come. The best part about setting up Free zone companies is, there are no restrictions for the owner regarding ownership, and rather the company is regulated by an independent Free Zone Authority (FZA). The authority issues licences for operations. A Free zone company is often misunderstood as an Offshore company, however, there are stark differences between the two, with major being, the Offshore company cannot conduct business activities within the UAE, and does that from outside the UAE.
You may find it challenging to determine the Free zone that will be best for your business. We are an expert consultancy for company formation in Dubai, UAE, and can help you make the right choice for your business. We will first understand your business requirements, your budget, and then analyze the probabilities, to find out the best options for setting up your Free zone company.
Setting Up a Freezone Company in Dubai opens the gates to a number of opportunities for the businesses to get a smart base and flourish in the promising but competitive business market. No local sponsor is required for setting up a business in the free zone.
Entrepreneurs can setup Free Zone companies in Dubai, UAE with us!
As the top Dubai Freezone business setup company, we specialize in Freezone Company Registration & Renewal in UAE in these free zones by assisting them in determining the most favorable free zone location, and in taking some crucial decisions on the basis of their requirements, business type, desired office-type, capital requirements, and lot more. Our firm for company formation in UAE freezones works hard to steer the entire process through the right paths, considering the availability of finances and saving them at every level, thus making the entire journey of setting the business, pleasant and absolutely free of stress.
Our consultancy for company formation in Dubai, UAE ensures that your business benefits most from the advantages of Free Zone Company Formation in UAE, such as – cost-effective operations, total control over the business, complete exemption from trade fees, tax-free income, restriction-free currency use, and good scope for a smart infrastructure with great working environment.

Freezone Company Registration & Renewal in Dubai, UAE

The UAE Freezone company registration and renewal requires a free zone license and getting the Freezone license in Dubai and UAE depends upon the type of business activity by the company. There are many free zones in Dubai and the number is increasing rapidly, which means there will be more opportunities for business setups in Dubai freezone, in the times to come.

In UAE, the Free Zone Authority (FZA) is in charge of the activities related to UAE Freezone Company Registration & Renewal. The freezone companies are not regulated by the commercial laws, which are meant for the mainland companies in UAE. Once the company gets approval for Freezone business, it gets eligible to get all the licenses like Industrial License, Service License, or National Industrial License by the Free Zone Authority. These freezone licenses in Dubai/UAE are renewable on annual basis till the lease agreement.

The benefits of Free Zone business setup in UAE include, 100% ownership to foreign investors. Not only this, they also get all the tax exemptions. There remain no restrictions pertaining to foreign exchange. The company also gets repatriation benefits. Our firm for company formation in UAE freezones can help in the registrations and renewal process in a timely manner.

Freezone Company Registration & Renewal

FAQs on Setting Up a Freezone Company in Dubai, UAE

What business entities can we rely upon, for company formation in Free zone jurisdiction?

As an investor or entrepreneur, you can form your company on the basis of 3 different business entities under Dubai Free zone jurisdiction – Free Zone Company (FZC), Free Zone Establishment (FZE) and Branch Office.

How is a Free Zone company formed? I want to know about Freezone Company Registration in Dubai, UAE.

A Free Zone company is formed in following steps:

  • Select the business entity of your preference on the basis of business category.
  • Select a suitable name of your business. Get it verified and registered by the Free Zone Authority.
  • Determine the type of license that you will need for setting up your business.
  • Determine and get the office space you require for your venture.
  • Apply for the initial approvals for authorities.
  • Get your Company Registration in Dubai Free Zones on the official website of the Free Zone Authority.
  • Get the business license once the official formalities are taken care of.

What benefits would I get if I establish a Free Zone company in UAE?

There are many benefits of establishing a Freezone company in UAE.

  • The foreign investors get 100% ownership.
  • There are various tax exemptions.
  • There are no foreign exchange restrictions for companies that fall under Free zone jurisdictions.
  • You will get complete repatriation benefits.
  • There will be no export and import charges. You will enjoy logistic advantage.
  • You will get equipped office space.

What are the major Free zone entities in Dubai?

The major Free zone entities in Dubai are – Dubai South Free zone, Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) and Dubai Healthcare City.

What business licenses are issued in Dubai Free Zone?

In Dubai Freezone, the business licenses that are issues are – Professional License, Industrial license and Warehousing license. The business transactions are carried within the Free zone limitations as there are restrictions you will face while transacting in Dubai mainland.

The Milestone UAE can guide you on business setup in Freezone UAE. Contact us for support for Freezone Company Registration & Renewal in Dubai, UAE.

What is the Free Zone license cost?

It will depend upon the type of license. In general, you may be charged between AED 10K to 50K for the Free zone license in Dubai.

What are the Free Zone options in the UAE?

In UAE, the available Free Zone options are – Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), Dubai World Central (DWC), Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA), Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) and Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO).

On what basis are the Visa charges applied on the Freezone firm in Dubai?

The Visa charges are applied on the basis of the size of the firm in Dubai.



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