Business Registration Renewal

Business Registration & Renewal

Business Registration Renewal

Starting a business requires company registration, which is valid just for a stipulated time of one, two, or three years. To continue the validity of registration for its smooth operability without any hitches, it should be renewed before the date of expiry.
The renewal process comes with its share of challenges and requires a professional expertise and knowledge about the associated rules and regulations that keep on changing, time to time.
As experts in business registration and setup, we remind and support businesses to renew their license in compliance with all legal norms and formalities.

Company Registration & Renewal in Dubai, UAE

The business setup and registration in Dubai has many benefits which include – no capital gains tax in the UAE, easy investment opportunities for foreign investors, exemption from taxation, no capitalization requirement, no value-added tax or sales tax, and new business opportunities. We provide company registration services for Free Zones companies and Offshore companies.

We as a team of expert business advisors have earned years of experience in setting up new businesses in Dubai. We carry complete know-about business registration, and will be pleased to help you set up, be it any type of business you own. We provide best business registration and renewal services according to the type and structure of your company, and business type. We aid in drafting documents, attestations, following up with authorities and handling lot of legal aspects.

Milestone provides best company registration services in the UAE with complete assistance on the basis of your all business requirements. Our expert professionals will guide you through the company formation process under the jurisdiction of company registration in UAE. We follow all the regulations that are applied during the process.

Company Registration & Renewal UAE
Business Renewal Services Dubai

Business Renewal Services in Dubai, UAE

The business renewal services involve getting the company license renewed, which is not an easy task. It requires enough time, and whole lot of efforts in documentation and the entire process. During registration of the company, the license issuing authority issues a one-year license, which is to be renewed every year, to avoid paralyzing the business due to various complications. Various kinds of licenses are issued on the basis of different profiles of the businesses, such as commercial license, professional license and tourist license.

We help the businesses continue, with our company renewal services by assisting our customers throughout the process, that they carry on their business activities without any hindrance. We take care of the time when the renew gets due for the company by sending regular reminders time to time, to help them avoid legal implications and penalties.

Milestone helps in avoiding delay in all the renewal process of business in Dubai, so that you will not be required to pay any fines, and you can better focus on your critical business activities.

Documents Required for Company Registration in Dubai

For company registration in Dubai, we manage all documentation work for you, which matters most, during the process. The documents required for company registration are – the articles containing information about the shareholders of the company, attested copies of the passports of the shareholders and directors of the company, duly filled up forms issued by the Trade Register, and any other information required by the Trade Register on the basis of the company profile and activities.

We provide company registration services for all types of companies like Limited liability companies, Private and public companies, Partnerships, Free zone limited liability companies, Free zone companies.

The registration process differs company to company and their different requirements, company type and business profile.

Documents Required for Company Registration
How to Register a Company UAE

How to Register a Company in Dubai, UAE?

For company registration, you can speak to one of our expert consultants who would advise you on the basis of the company structure and the activities that the company would carry on anywhere in the UAE. We have earned years of experience while providing company registration and renewal services in Dubai, UAE.

The registration process of offshore companies takes maximum 5 working days. For a free zone company, it takes 10 working days to 6 weeks. It may take time in the cases where special approvals are required from government authorities. The registration process in Dubai is carried out with security. It provides the investor, various benefits like tax exemptions, etc.

For registering an LLC Company in Dubai, you need to submit the company registration form along with the required documents along with the payment of the fee due. The investor will be allowed to have an office space in Dubai, and start a corporate bank account.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Can I carry on with all my business activities under single business license in Dubai?

No, you cannot do that. On the basis of nature of the business, the investors get their license in the UAE. Different license types are issued for businesses of different profiles.

Would I be required to renew my company license in UAE, every year?

Yes, you would be required to get your company license renewed every year in UAE. Milestone will assist you with the company renewal process.

How do I renew my company license in the UAE?

First you should make sure that tenancy contracts have not expired. Then you should apply for the renewal of your license, which is a complete process starting from submitting application for the same. All the required documentation should be followed. Once the license renewal application is submitted, a payment voucher will be allotted. After the payment, you will get your renewed license. Well, it’s not as easy a process as it seems, and you will certainly require professional services for the same.

What happens if the license is not renewed in Dubai?

It is crucial to get the company license renewed before it finally expires or else the Department of Economic Development (DED) will impose fine, the bank would suspend the corporate bank account, so that even the owner is not able to access the account.



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