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Offshore Company Formation in UAE

An offshore company is the one that conducts business activities from outside the place where it is based. The process of establishment of offshore company formation in the UAE, takes few weeks and of course, the professional know-how about all the intricacies involved. It starts with filling up an application form, with all the required information. As a team of expert business consultants, we would first understand your business goals, know about your budget for offshore company formation in Dubai, UAE, determine the probabilities, and then offer a range of premium advisory services offshore company setup.

How to Setup Your Offshore Company in UAE

Establishing an offshore company in the UAE requires offshore company registration and renewal in Dubai, UAE, and can be quite a complicated process. So, it requires expansive know-how about local laws. As a leading management consultancy firm in the UAE, we first understand the business profile, structure, objectives, requirements, and then follow a strategy developed in compliance with offshore jurisdiction.

To open offshore company in Dubai, UAE, we provide expert support from filing taxes, giving legal advice to building smart sales and marketing strategies, and taking care of all the procedural requirements. Not only this, we also facilitate the offshore company formation and the processes involving business management and administration after incorporation of the company.

Documents Required for Offshore Company Registration in Dubai

The process of setting up an offshore company in the UAE, starts with submitting an application form containing all the important details including nature of the business, preferred company name, and proof of residence for all shareholders, along with important documents. Single error in the application may push the entire process back to the shelves, only to delay it. We prepare the application along with all the documentation required, to leave no scope for errors and hamstrings. Apart from this, we also take care of other crucial aspects involving investors’ applications, employee visas and other tasks associated with banking operations.

Our Offshore Company Formation and Registration Services in Dubai, UAE

The UAE has today become the most desired place for setting up businesses, especially establishing offshore companies. There may be various objectives of entrepreneurs and investors behind Offshore Company Incorporation in Dubai and UAE, which involves offshore company registration & renewal in the UAE. Offshore company formation in the UAE provides them 100% ownership and manage their business to generate maximum profit. There are various benefits of establishing offshore company formation in the UAE.

  • You get tax exemptions.
  • The rules and regulations in UAE are investor-friendly.
  • There are bright chances of business expansion

Why Should You Opt for Offshore Company Establishment in UAE?

The good thing about setting up an offshore company in UAE is, that you enjoy its ownership rights, both as an individual and as a corporate.

As there are limitations to the company’s operations in the place of registration, the offshore company in UAE can be a good option, for the license issuance process is not applicable on it. Rather a certificate is issued by the authorities and so it does not take much time to establish an offshore company in UAE.

With our experience and expertise in setting up offshore companies in Dubai, we will guide you through all the intricacies of the formalities involved. We maintain contact with all the concerned authorities in the UAE, and this allows us to set up an offshore company even in just two days.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is an offshore company?

An offshore company is a business entity that operates outside the location of where it actualy belongs to.

What are the advantages of company formation in UAE offshore?

There are various benefits of company formation in the UAE offshore, such as:

  • You get tax exemptions.
  • The rules and regulations in UAE are investor-friendly.
  • There are bright chances of business expansion

What are the documents required for offshore company formation in Dubai and rest of the UAE?

If you are an individual, the documents that will require for setting up an offshore company are:

  • Passport Copy of shareholder
  • Residence Proof
  • Suggested name and profile of the company
  • Information about the beneficiaries of the company

If you are a corporate entity, then you will require:

  • Attested copy of incorporation certificate
  • Attested resolution of shareholders
  • MOA of the parent company
  • Attested copies of Passport of shareholders
  • Incumbency certificate with names of shareholders

In how much time, can an offshore company be incorporated in the UAE?

The offshore company formation & registration in Dubai, UAE, is done in quite less time. It generally takes one week, but sometimes may take up to a month due to offshore jurisdiction. The team at Milestone will determine the time once they are sure about your requirements. However, with our strong know-how about offshore companies and good connection with the contacts in UAE, we will try to complete it with satisfaction.

Should I have a bank account in the UAE for running an offshore company in the UAE?

You don’t really need to have an account in the UAE, you can rather have it anywhere in the world. If you get a bank account in the UAE it will certainly lead to many benefits.

Can I own or rent an office space for my offshore company in UAE?

No, you cannot own or rent an office space in UAE for your offshore company.

Do I need to be present physically for my offshore company in the UAE?

Not really! You will be required to be present physically, just in a few offshore jurisdictions, where you will be providing your signatures in the presence of concerned authority.

As an owner of an offshore company in the UAE, can I apply for resident visa?

No, you cannot have the resident visa. It can be issued only to mainland and free zone companies.



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